Gambling in the modern times has changed immensely. With the presence of online casinos — a virtual version of the traditional casino— players no longer have to travel far and wide just to play their preferred casino games. Instead, all they need is a computer with internet access and they can start playing at any gambling site of their choice immediately.

On top of the convenience provided by online gambling, players also get to enjoy an added perk that traditional casino players aren’t likely going to experience in any land-based casino— online bonuses. Bonuses have since become a familiar part of online gambling operations that people have learned to expect them from any online gambling websites out there. The allure of free money that can be used to play games and discover more what a gambling site has to offer has never failed to entice both new and regular players alike.

It’s been a common practice among online casinos to offer sign up bonuses for first-time members. This could either be a no deposit bonus or a deposit one where a player has to make a deposit in order to activate the bonus offer. In this case, the bonus will usually be the same as the amount that a player is depositing into the account.

However, most of the money that casinos are willing to offer will usually come in exchange for a commitment from the player that they will keep playing on the site. This is why most bonus offers come with wagering requirements or the number of times players are supposed to gamble a specific amount to prevent them from walking away with the free money.

There are different types of casino bonuses you can take advantage of online. Understanding what they are and what each offer will help you assess which ones would be worth accepting.


These kinds of bonuses are offered to the player as part of his balance. However, as the name suggests, the bonus cannot be cashed out. So, a player is only ever able to use it to place bets on various casino games that the bonus is approved to be used for.

Comp Points

These points are usually accumulated by players to be later on exchanged for prizes, cash or even other comps. Often, the casino will put limitations on the amount of cash that will be allowed for every wager made however, this generally varies depending on the game.

Note that casino bonuses aren’t fraud-free. In fact, many of the controversies that hound online casinos often have to do with their bonus offers. Unfortunately, defraud isn’t only committed on the side of the player but on the side of the casinos as well.

On the side of the player, there are those that would choose to open several accounts just so they can scoop up as many bonus offers as they can from a single casino.

On the side of the casino, they might set the wagering requirements so ridiculously high that players will have a hard time meeting them in time. This is why accepting every single bonus offer that comes your way is never wise. Always look for the attachments to the bonus, the conditions you need to meet before saying yes.

This helps you evaluate how reasonable the terms and conditions are. This gives you the chance to either accept or decline the offer based on what’s involved. As always, rushing to the sight of free money is not always the best strategy to follow when gambling online.

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