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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (really UN Agenda 21 - now 2030 goals) are behind the "mental health" services being offered all Americans through their public and private schools.  What an ideal way to keep track and gather more data on all Americans. 

Parents, Beware what the Technology Future Plans are for your Child

Lies They Told You About Common Core

Bill Gates Thinks Twitter Destroyed Common Core

DeVos & Bush Engage in “High Standards” Snake Oil Sales

Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax
It's a gold rush, not a flood of educational concern

Common Core - Another Day in the Global Neighborhood
Dear Friends, 

Another school year has rolled around.  The Federal legislation, ESSA, has passed which strip your rights away as a parent.  (Did you sign a parent engagement letter or conduct compact?  I hope not.) Teachers are transmitting data on your family and children to the federal government in the SLDS. The techniques teachers are being trained to impart on your children are techniques only certified psychologists and psychiatrists can practice.  I've warned you but...

your kids are still in school. 

What are you doing to protect your children, really?  An Opt-Out of tests is meaningless when arbitrary, observational data is collected on the behavior of your children. These behavioral techniques are embedded in the curriculum and everyday classes. 
Academics have been dumbed-down and most of the school day is relegated to social, emotional, and behavioral rewards, punishments, stimulus, response animal conditioning. But you do not recognize it. Seven states have been selected for experimental research on your children in the social, emotional, behavioral conditioning in the affective domain, but I didn't hear any screaming from Pennsylvania parents or any other state. 

But, there's more. The Feds aren't finished with your family and kids yet. The force of the new law will force everyone to comply.  Spirited children will be found through CHILD FIND. Aggressive behavior once deemed, "oh, he's just a boy"  will be gone. Creative children will become depressed and not want to go to school.  Happy children are gone. Strong willed children, smashed. Shy children will be remediated with psychological manipulation, daily. Interventions, interventions, interventions galore. They will not stop. Your child will become confused, pliable and recycled until he/she thinks it is normal to be in a prison called school. It's called conditioning.  BF Skinner, conditioning. Starting in universal fed pre-school- they won't have a chance. 

DSM Codes will be tallied into the NCES/IES data warehouse. MEDICAID will be billed for psych interventions. Your child will have a mental health disability for minor infractions and personality traits that are normal human feelings...pain, anguish, disappointment, elation, frustration, sadness, anger, anxiety, love, fear, hate, all of these emotions that are part of our human endeavor...forming the character of your child. They will be gone. The slate that you imprinted on your child will be wiped clean. It is a new beginning of a new world. And, it is happening now as I write to you. 

Be prepared for this: Once identified to the Feds, the whole new system under ObamaCare kicks in for Medicaid age 0-21 for case management for your family. An individual family service plan is in the works for caretakers to enter your home and remediate the family; moral knowing, moral feeling, moral acting...a global agenda.

I'm not kidding. I'm scared, so I know you will be when you read this note.

Sec of Ed Terrel Bell under the Reagan administration had laid out these plans called the Knowledge Network when he was supposed to eliminate the Department of Education which never happened. Bell believed parents should not be left to raise their own children. So here we are.  You bore them, clothe them, feed them, house them...they are your children, but the federal government owns "who they are", their character, their thinking skills have turned against you and our country for the good of globalism. That is the plan. If you do not cooperate, they will condemn you, too, as an unfit parent.  This is the "Village" that Hillary dreamed of. 

I can only scream so loud, DANGER! DANGER!

Please read these 3 articles that will give you the overview you need to BEGIN to understand this process. The attachments are documents from the Knowledge Network. God bless the little children. 

HillaryCare Part 1
Part 2 Parents: Beware and Be Aware
Part 3 Data-Driven Transformation

Common Core is NOT Preparing Students for College and Career!

At Long Last, Critics of Common Core in California are not Just Conservatives – 100 California University Researchers are Calling for an End to Common Core High Stakes Testing

Education sector bond spending continues to spike
Bond Measures in the Upcoming Elections:
We urge you to do your own research and to generally oppose school bond measures that keep appearing on all of the election ballots.  This years' November election will have the biggest amount ever - $9 billion bond measures proposed.  For the most part, the money is not being used for what you think you are voting for  - for the school to receive much needed repairs. 

Because of Common Core, much of the bond money is being used to bring in new, expensive technology so that each child can have his own Ipad or lap top computer, so they can be conected to wifi and the internet, do all of their assignments and homework and take all their tests on such divises.  Then they can be much more easily tracked and traced and enormous amounts of data collected on them.

As you will also see from the following article, bond measures that pass put tax payers into years of future bondage, trying to pay off these bonds.   

Kentucky graduates first CC students: College professors say CC students less prepared
Just a few things discussed:
Kentucky college professors starting to report new freshmen are less well prepared
Kentucky's 2015 test scores on multiple tests for multiple grades are "Flat" or "Declining." Those are terms used by the Kentucky Department of Education, by the way.
Those rapidly rising College and/or Career Ready Rates Kentucky has been crowing about may be a mirage, too. Even the chairman of the Kentucky Board of Education is now asking questions.


Idaho Law Suit Against Common Core SBAC Testing - Can California Do Something Similar?
Please read the following.  Everthing that is written by attornies in Idaho in their law suit could be said about California.  We have the same testing - SBAC; in fact California was one of the leading states in its creation, and the consortia who wrote it did so at the UCLA campus.  It was brought into our state in the same sneeky, deceptive way and with the same violation of federal laws.

One More Example of the Uber-Control of Common Core - California Parents Can no Longer See Test Results of Their Children over the Past Fifteen Years:   (Introduction by Orlean Koehle)
Superintendent Torlickson and the State Board of Education have decided that the SBAC testing of Common Core is "so different" than the STAR test was, that the results really can't be compared. So to make sure that no comparison takes place, they have just removed 15 years of testing records from their websites.

Could the real reason be - that they are embarrassed by the low test results and want to avoid the outrage and pushback that happened in New York and other states when superintendents, educators and parents saw the low test results of the new Common Core tests, either SBAC or PAARC, and compared them to how well the students had done the year before on their standardized tests. There was a 30% - 40% drop. California is anticipating the same outcome.

Last spring there were over 200,000 students who opted out of the tests in New York. California's top brass in education hope to avoid such a pushback here in our state by not allowing any test comparison - just simply remove any old test records. This is one more example of the amazing controlling aspect of Common Core.


"Ali Baba Babble and Common Core” by Denis Ian (an opponent of Common Core in New York)

Are Latino Students Ready for Common Core Standards?

Comunicado de Prensa de United Opt Out National: Respuesta a los grupos de Derechos Civiles  

Dutchess County (NY) Legislature Unanimously Passes Refuse the Test Resolution
The Dutchess County Legislature last night unanimously approved a resolution to support NYS proposed legislation which would require all school districts in New York State to notify parents of their right to refuse to have their children participate in standardized Common Core assessments.

This is obviously not binding, but very encouraging regarding the direction of the effort.

7th grader's letter to the editor

Did you KNOW...?

This is all by Design – by Don Allen from Rhode Island StopCommonCore

A California School District Itself Issues Opt Out Forms from Assessment Testing!
Do you think maybe the school district is trying to encourage parents to opt their children out?  Could it be that they don't like the assessment test any more than parents and teachers do?

SHORT video about ESEA re-authorization

The Dangers of Cell Phones and IPads Especially for Young Children - as Common Core Would Like all our Children to Have

Wi-Fi Exposure for Young Children More Dangerous than Thought:"  Common Core continues to push every child having a personal computer or Ipad with wi-fi in the classroom so all can be connected to internet.  More studies are revealing the dangers of wi-fi radiation on developing children's sculls.

Psychologist Testifies of the Harmful Effect of Common Core on Children, Parents and Teachers

Why Islam Creates Monsters

How Difficult would it Be to Replace Common Core and with what?

Agenda California State Board of Education Meeting Nov. 13-14 2014

Common Core Events for November 2014 in Northern Ca.

Important Events Fighting Common Core in California from October and November 2014

Did you Know that it was really the Muslims who discovered America?

Please Download this Petition, sign it and fax it to the governor and to Superintendent Torlackson urging them to stop the new AP U.S. History frameworks from being Implemented in California.  They are teaching a revised history that is not true and gives a distorted view of American and world history.  For example, they totally leave out the fact that Americans came here for religious liberty.  They leave out Hitler and the holocaust during World War II as if they never existed.  Please read the letter sent to Governor Brown for more details.

Common Core is like Flying a Plane Still Under Construction"
Principal Carol Burris of New York Reveals the Truth of the Arbitrary Common Core Test  Results for Both New York and Kentucky.  Please opt your child out of the testing.  Go to www.pji.org for a copy of the opt out form and instructions

Idaho Teacher Exposes the Data Collection - What is being collected under "Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance" 

Classroom Teacher Exposes the Sad Reality of Common Core 

What Teaching Used to be Like Before High Stakes Testing
As a former teacher who used to enhance my lessons in history and English with all sorts of extra material, even writing little skits and bringing in costumes so the students could experience what the historical moment was really like, I can relate to the following article written by a truly dedicated history teacher. He lets us know what has happened to the whole profession of teaching because of having to teach to the tests each and every day, now made even worse by Common Core. This was published in the Washington Post, in April, 2013.

For Catholics Fighting 'Common Core: Please go to the following website for help in convincing your Catholic school that they do not want to have Common Core standards or curriculum. Common Core is basically against everything that Catholics believe in and is lowering the high standards Catholic schools have always been noted for.

New AP American History Distorts History and Attacks America 

Dr. Sandra Stotsky Speaks on Being Part of the Validation Committee for Common Core and why She Refused to Sign off on it

For Good Ammo Designed for School Board Meetings and Back to School Nights:
Parents, if you are concerned about how to speak before a school board and what to say against Common Core, go to this website that has many important points broken down into 3 minute segments - Orange County Common Core Concerned Citizens

Common Core and The Dangers of Wi-Fi in our Public Schools 
A meeting regarding wi-fi use and the Common Core national standards will be held on Tuesday, August 12 at 7pm at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA. Joe Imbriano from WiFiDangers.com and Robert Hammond from the Orange County Board of Education will be speaking. Please come and be informed. You are welcomed to bring your kids as well if you don't have babysitting/ child care.
Thank you, Nancy Kim, for the announcement regarding a meeting about WiFi dangers in our public schools connected with Common Core. I am so glad to hear a meeting is going to be held to address this important issue. I write about those dangers in both of my books on Common Core. (Common Core, The Trojan Horse for Education Reform and The Hidden C's of Common Core)
When every child is forced to use a computer to go along with the plans for Common Core, of course the schools will connect those children to the internet (where most of their "information text" will be coming from). And because schools know nothing of the harmful effects of WiFi, of course, that is the way they will connect to the internet.
Because we have such a controlled media in our country and the technology companies are so powerful, hardly any information is allowed to be given out about the harmful effects of WiFi - especially on children, whose skulls are not developed enough to withstand the constant pulsed radiation coming from WiFi, which they will be exposed to in schools and probably also at home.
Doesn't it stand to reason that if the radiation coming from WiFi is powerful enough to go through the cement walls of buildings, it could penetrate right through skulls, especially those of children?
Other countries like New Zealand and Australia have banned WiFi in the public schools because they recognize those harmful effects. Countries in Europe are also starting to follow their example.
On our website, CUACC.org, you can find a video that comes from New Zealand explaining the dangers of WiFi.
We have a member of our State Eagle Forum board, Dave Scanlan, who has taken this issue on as his primary area of concern. He is a computer science teacher at Sacramento State and has convinced most of his students to take the WiFi out of their homes and use wired connection to the internet instead. He said that many of his students who were complaining of headaches no longer have those symptoms without WiFi in their homes.
Dave has started his own website to expose the dangers of WiFi. Check it out and especially the video that he shows coming from the BBC in England.

What to Replace Common Core with?
This is an article by Sandra Stotsky and also shows a video of her speaking before the Wakefield, NH, School Board. They voted last March to throw out Common Core and bring in the Massachusetts standards that Stotsky helped write and were the highest in the nation.
Stotsky warns them against adopting the Next Generation Science Standards, that will not be teaching chemistry or physics because the math will not be there to go along with them.
She talks about getting back to high classical English literature and recommends the original Singapore math to replace the Common Core math with. It explains quantitative terms very clearly and concise in simple English for English language learners. In Singapore math they forbid calculators in the first five grades, so they can learn to do math and think on their own.

Democrat Candidate for NY Governor Opposes Common Core
A Fordham University law professor, who is a democrat running for governor against Andrew Cuomo, wrote an excellent analysis of Common Core, revealing that it is really a top-down Bill Gates creation that is anti-democratic and hurting both students and teachers. This shows that Common Core is truly a non-partisan issue that both democrats and republicans are opposing.

House passes Bill for Mandatory Newborn DNA Collection to be Used in Common Core Databases

Rally Against Common Core in Front of Bill Gates center in Seattle


Common Core is against the Principles Republicans stand on.

Chicago Teacher Union Passes Resolution Against Common Core

New York Teachers Union Says ‘No’ To Common Core Standards as Implemented

Harvard Education Students Waking Up and Protesting A Pro-Common Core Speaker 

Data Mining by Khan Academy 

Inbloom - Collector of Student Data to Close 

Teachers Comments on the PARCC and Smarter Balance Assessment Tests 

Dr. Terrance O. Moore, Author of The Story Killers, Speaks on Common Core Standards  Find out how ludicrous and hard to understand the standards are.  They are obviously written by someone who had never taught in K-12.

Bill Gates’ Sobering 2009 Speech on Common Core Data Mining (to National Council of State Legislators)
Commentary by Mercedes Schneider, a high school English Teacher in Louisiana, who has her own blog found at http://deutsch29.wordpress.com/. She has great articles opposed to Common Core. This was written March 21, 2014. [Excerpts from Gates speech are in italics. Mercedes commentaries are in parenthesis. She has also added emphasis in bold. Comments about data mining are in yellow. There are also some interesting remarks that Gates is making promoting Charter Schools, which his foundation has helped start and promoted financially across the nation. Why does Gates like Charter Schools? Could it be that most of them are easier to control because they no longer come under the auspices of an elected school board?
On March 13, 2014, Bill Gates had dinner with 80 senators and other elected officials. Given his keynote the following day to members of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), make no mistake that Gates used his time with the senators and other officials to push the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). However, Gates is more than CCSS. Gates is the entire spectrum of reforms, and he is more than willing to use his influence to promote his opinion of educational reform to those supposedly elected By the People. The following text is an excerpt from Gates’ 2009, speech to the National Council of State Legislatures, which “co-chair” Gates offered as part of his complete speech on so-called education reform.
The entire speech is worth a sobering read: We’ve been in an economic crisis for a year or so. But we’ve been in an education crisis for decades. … You are the authorizers and appropriators of school reform in America. The president and the Congress can make recommendations—and they have passed a stimulus package with billions of dollars you can spend to advance school reform—but ultimately, you decide.
(Keep in mind Gates is speaking to legislators.)
I hope you decide to accelerate reform.…The institutions and innovations that are getting great outcomes should be expanded. Those that aren’t should be changed or ended.
To do this, we need to measure what matters. …
Without measurement, there is no pressure for improvement. …I would urge the legislators here (with colleges) to start the push to greater measurement by asking the colleges and universities in your districts to publish their graduation rates. …Caps should be lifted for charter school operators who have a proven record of success—and charters should be offered the same per-pupil funding as other public schools. As you know, a relatively small percentage of schools are responsible for a high percentage of the dropouts. We can make dramatic advances by replacing the worst schools with high-performing charters —operated by organizations with a great track record. …(“Great track record” = high test scores)Charter schools, in my view, have been the lead researchers in the most important recent finding in the field of school reform. Namely: The most decisive factor in student achievement is the teacher. …No factor advances student achievement more than an effective teacher. So a true reformer will be obsessed with one question: “What changes will improve the quality of teaching, so every student can have an effective teacher?” We need to take two enabling steps: we need longitudinal data systems that track student performance and are linked to the teacher; and we need fewer, clearer, higher standards that are common from state to state. The standards will tell the teachers what their students are supposed to learn, and the data will tell them whether they’re learning it. …Fortunately, the state-led Common Core State Standards Initiative is developing clear, rigorous common standards that match the best in the world. Last month, 46 Governors and Chief State School Officers made a public commitment to embrace these common standards.This is encouraging—but identifying common standards is not enough. We’ll know we’ve succeeded when the curriculum and the tests are aligned to these standards.Secretary Arne Duncan recently announced that $350 million of the stimulus package will be used to create just these kinds of tests—next-generation assessments aligned to the common core.When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces in the service of better teaching. For the first time, there will be a large base of customers eager to buy products that can help every kid learn and every teacher get better. …All states and districts should collect common data on teachers and students. We need to define the data in a standardized way, we need to collect all of it for all of our students, and we need to enter it in something cheap and simple that people can share. …We’ll know we have the answer when teachers are eager to see the data….(This contradicts Gates’ comment below about “pushback.” Teachers are not “eager” to have their classrooms and careers standardized.)
This responsibility—to a great extent—lies with you.
(The legislators hold the power– not the teachers– not the parents.)
I’m asking you to draw on the stimulus funding to do two things:
1. Embrace common standards and data systems so we can know where we stand and how to move forward.
2. Raise the quality of teaching by measuring teacher effectiveness, encouraging innovation, and spreading best practices.I know you’ll face pressure if you push for reform. …
(So now, in 2014, Gates is “helping” legislators who are “facing pressure.” It’s called grassroots pushback from violating the tenets of democratic process, Bill.)
This is a national challenge.It doesn’t really matter whether you are driven by an ethical commitment to equal opportunity or by a long-term economic vision for the country. Both lines of reasoning lead to the same conclusion. We need to measure progress. We need to hold teachers and schools accountable. …
If your state doesn’t join the common standards, your kids will be left behind; and if too many states opt out—the country will be left behind. Remember—this is not a debate that China, Korea, and Japan are having. Either our schools will get better—or our economic position will get worse.
(Keep in mind that the economic crisis of 2008 was not induced by America’s public education system. It was the product of deregulation and corporate greed by powerful individuals– not by common citizens.)
Common standards define what the students need to learn; robust data systems tell us whether they’re learning it—and they tell us a whole lot more than that. [Bolding and commentary added.]
(Regarding the “whole lot more”– consider this lawsuit against ACT and College Board– two companies that were really “at the table” in CCSS development– for the selling of personal student information.)
There you have it.
For years, Gates has been pushing his version of so-called education reform for Other People’s Children.
His kids attend Seattle’s elite Lakeside School, a place where there is no corporate reform “pushback” because there are no corporate-driven reforms.
We regular folk need to keep up the fight.

Detroit public school gave preference to “non-Christian” teachers

Common Core math homework baffles North Carolina dad with Ph.D.

Resolution Against Common Core Passed Unanimously in Washington's 36th District - Headed for Democrat's Convention

SAT Test Being Changed by David Coleman, Chief Architect of Common Core, and
President of the College Board - Two articles about this 1 2

Abolish Local School Districts

The coming Common Core meltdown

New York Regents Puts Common Core on Hold for Ten Years

Common Core Flowchart

Letter to State Board from CUACC - 02/2014

A Closer Look at Common Core Printable Brochure
Companion Powerpoint YOUTUBE

Example of CC math problem

Common Core Opt Out Form

Catholic Schools Saying No to Common Core
The Cardinal Newman Society just launched a fantastic new website dedicated to Catholic concerns about Common Core.

Mental Health Professional testifies Against Common Core of the Rise in Emotional Problems of both Students and Teachers.

Growing Backlash Against Common Core Among Parents and the Reaction Back by Central Planners

Is Common Core Truly Evidence-Based as its Proponents Taught
This link explains what evidence-based really means.  It is obvious that Common Core does not pass the test.

Eight Large Unified School Districts Received Waivers to Get out of NCLB 
– they are Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Sanger, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.  See their waiver applications and all that is required of them in the 391 pages of information, charts, record keeping, data collection, etc. They have essentially put their teachers and administrators under more restrictive controls and evaluations, why California refused to go along with getting the waiver in the first place.

California Did not Get a Waiver to Get out of NCLB 
– the State must still operate under the provisions of NCLB.  Any curriculum that is being devised for Common Core must still be vetted under NCLB.  The following link gives ten pages of what that means for educators in our State.    

Common Core Assessment Testing is Equated to Child Abuse According to Psychologist Gary Thompson   He urges parents to say no and to opt their children out.  Read the entire article below.  (Incidentally, Dr. Thompson is black and votes democrat.  Opposition to Common Core is not racist and is non-partisan.)

Government Website Promotes Waivers to Get out of NCLB
Why would the government encourage States to get out of NCLB, unless it is putting the States into a situation where the government benefits even more – such as more evaluations on teachers, more data collection on students, etc.

Special Ed Teachers, Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), and NCLB
The link explains how the special ed program works in California and how that falls under NCLB  

California Opposition is Mounting

Excellent Letter to Catholic Bishops on the Failings of Common Core by Catholic College Professors

Common Core Assessment Tests - Are they Accurate or Fraudulent?

1,500 rally against Common Core tests at Comsewogue High School


Informational Text Vs Classical English Literature and Traditional Learning

How Common Core is Affecting Private Christian Schools

North Carolina Sixth Grader Refuses Common Core Tests

Bill Gate’s and UNESCO’s  Mutual Agreement for Global Education using Computers

Scary Data Collection on Your Child - A Vital Part of Common Core

Education by Stealth and Deception - Why the Secrecy Behind Common Core?
A Sample Letter Being Sent to Local Newspapers

President Obama’s Education Roadmap
- Has your state jumped on the Common Core bandwagon?  Does your Governor have a 2020 plan?  How do these two plans relate to one another. A Utah mom seeking answers laid out the plan in 10 easy steps.

Mitt Romney Speaks Out Against Common Core

Georgia Bill Filed That Would Withdraw State From Common Core - TruthinAmericanEducation.com