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Please Download this APUSH Petition,
sign it and fax it to the governor and to Superintendent Torlackson urging them to stop the new AP U.S. History frameworks from being Implemented in California.  They are teaching a revised history that is not true and gives a distorted view of American and world history.  For example, they totally leave out the fact that Americans came here for religious liberty. They leave out Hitler and the holocaust during World War II as if they never existed.
Please read the letter sent to Governor Brown for more details


Folded Tent Cards That you Can Print Out

Orlean on Common Core
- Glenn Beck show
Friday, Aug 23

Talking Points for Common Core: A Trojan Horse For Education Reform / Spanish

A Closer Look at Common Core Printable Brochure
Companion Powerpoint YOUTUBE

Common Core Opt Out Form


Orlean Koehle
Director of CUACC.org -
State President
Eagle Forum of California

Let us Unite to Fight the Common Core Battle

Please join us in the battle to fight common Core in California by clicking on the list of counties and school districts and fill in your name and school district. You may be surprised to find other names and groups with whom you can unite.


The purpose of this website is: To expose the deception, dangers, lower standards, and enormous costs behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative; to educate and motivate the public as to why Californians should be opposing Common Core, and why we should be exerting every effort to stop California from going forward with the CC curriculum, standards and Assessment tests.

Letter to Urge California Department of Education to Rescind the Adoption of Next Generation Science Standards 

Important announcement!
Californians United Against Common Core, under the auspices of Eagle Forum of California, has two new co-directors; Darcy Brandon and Gloria Pruyne. They will be heading up a coalition of all those fighting Common Core in California. They will be holding conference calls every two weeks so we can all be united in our efforts to throw out Common Core.

If you would like to be a leader from your county or your school district please contact them and your name will be added to the big map of California that is shown on the website, CUACC.org and also to the conference call list. Darcy's e-mail is <darcybrandon@caprsdoc.org>; and Gloria Pruyne's e-mail is <gpruyne@yahoo.com>.
About 30 leaders from various parts of California met on June 14, after the State Eagle Forum conference in Costa Mesa and came up with some action plan suggestions. 1) One of those was to have a contact person for every county, and eventually every school district, so people with questions will know where to go to and also know how to unite to fight Common Core in their school district and their county. 
2) Contact your pastor and other pastors to see if you cannot set up a conference or meeting for them to find out what is really behind Common Core. If they are aware of how Common Core is directly opposite of traditional Judeo/Christian beliefs, maybe they will want to join us in our battle to defeat it and throw it out of our State. We need them to start speaking about this from the pulpits. 
3) Leaflet the cars in the parking lots of churches with flyers telling how bad Common Core is. The people attending churches will be probably, for the most part, on our side on this issue. A three-page brochure can be downloaded from the website CUACC.org that is entitled A Closer Look at Common Core that you are welcome to download, copy and hand out. 
4) Speak about this issue wherever you are, at sports events, in the grocery line, in a bus, on a plane, have brochures to hand out. Leaflet people at the fair grounds, as a parade is going by, leave information at the doctor's office, dentist office. We need many more people involved in this battle in such a large State as California.
5) We need to be organized and well connected with each other to stage large rallies at the capitol, or at the state board of education meetings, and to call on large numbers to attend our local school board meetings.
Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California and Founder of Californians United Against Common Core

Letter to State Board from CUACC 02/2014

Executive Order by Parents and Educators Demanding an End to Common Core

Letter to State legislators to oppose the Common Core Assessment for California

Informational Text Vs Classical English Literature and Traditional Learning